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Which program is right for you?

corporate ergonimic program

Ergonomic Evaluation


Our program are designed with the employees and their task in mind. This is the results of the employees goals, workstation hardware, education and overall body posture to work in unison in a meaningful environment. By incorporating these elements together we are confident in achieving a safe and healthier workplace to promote efficiency and growth.

workplace massage

Coroporate Massage Clinic

Our massage therapist are experience in the work environment and know exactly how to perform high quality massage to relax your employees from everyday stressors. Corporate Massage Clinics are perform at health fairs, employee appreciation days, or corporate event.   Looking for a onetime event or a reoccurring schedule, we can help with that. Help your employees feel energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed so they can be productive in the workplace. 

stretching program workplace

Stretching Programs

Increase flexibility is the key in reducing muscle strain. Our stretching programs can be performed in a group setting or done one-on-one.  Easy to use stretching handouts with specific written and video instruction for  future reference will promote increase retention. By promoting increase flexibility in your employees, you are assured to maintain ease of movement with any working environment.

An Individual Personal Body Assessment is used within the one to one program to measure range of motion progress. .

health workshops

Health Workshop

Our workshops are fun and easy to follow while fostering awareness and retention. The purpose of the health lectures are to identify signs and symptoms of injuries, convey common risk factors,  learn how to avoid occupational hazards, and to learn the most effective stretching and exercise for any job. Each employee will walk away with a new found strategy to effectively combat their most common occupational hazards and become proficient in their ability to function on the job.

Each program is costumizable to your needs. 

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